Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friday Report, written by Middle Girl (some in third person)

Middle Girl has fun at school because she is good at reading.

And the new kitten named Turbo is fun. Two times he fell asleep on me. Now he has a collar.

Today we were working with Q. I drew a picture of a queen. I got finished just in time.

At recess the boys who were mean the other days decided to play our game today. We played dogs and owners. The dogs crawl around and the owners feed them using play food from the play house. I was an owner. I had lots of dogs: David, Marshall, Eric, and James. They were not as well behaved as the other people's dogs.

We went to music and we sang a song I love called "Alleluia."

I saw Marshall's new puppy with his mom picking up Marshall. She was a French bulldog named Coco. I got to hold the leash and walk the puppy.

At home I made lunch. Carrots, yogurt, and of course raspberries. Grandma will say, "she ate raspberries? Mmmmmmmmmmmm."


smalltownme said...

I say mmmmmmm too. It sounds like it was a good day.

Anonymous said...

Carrots, yogurt and raspberries? Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Good post.