Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PR5 has come to an end.

Watching the finale of Project Runway 5...

I cannot help but remember how I felt going into Project Runway 1's finale. I wanted Jay to win so badly! I watched nervously, I loved his collection, HE WON, I whooped! Whoo! I thought I would be wearing his clothes by now, but the fashion business is harder than I knew.

Having seen that, the PR finales feel a bit different. Winning PR doesn't guarantee you anything: if the winner does become "the next great American designer," it won't happen for a while. The finale is still fun to watch, having gotten to know the designers during the season, but their careers remain to be seen!

Kenley's Collection.
I pick out these two as my favorites:

I would LOVE to wear this dress!

This look is not that feasible in the "real world," but what a pretty look. Beautiful shape.

Korto's Collection.
These two are my favorites:

I would totally buy this dress (if it were a bit longer).

This one was very striking on the runway!

Leanne's Collection.
Watching this collection, I think to myself: "this is the one that seems to be inventing something new, imagining a new direction."
These two are my picks for favorites.

Announcing the Winner.

It's Leanne!
(The Hubby and I have been referring to her as "Portland Girl" this whole season -- YEAH! Go PDX! Rip City! Stumptown! The City of Roses! Bridgetown!)

I wasn't really rooting for any one of the THREE WOMEN finalists - I liked Leanne and Korto all along - but I do agree with this decision. Well done, judges!

Portland must be excited tonight!

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