Friday, October 17, 2008


No one tagged me.

But I saw it at Blackbird's.

11 things about me.

1. Clothes Shop: Ann Taylor LOFT, but I am now feeling like moving on. To where?

2. Furniture Shop: I wouldn't want everything to come from the same place. We've got Pottery Barn, IKEA, Cost Plus, antiques stores, an independent furnisher that's been in our town forever (if I had more money I would buy more there).

3. Sweet: The fudge they make at the Oregon Zoo is an annual treat for me (Maple and Pecan are my favorite flavors). I am also into Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Trader Joe's Kettle Corn. For candy, my favorite is Swedish Fish. Out to a special dinner, I love an apple or pear tart of any sort: galette, crumble, etc.
My mother-in-law thinks I have a sweet tooth. I wouldn't say so, but looking at this entry...

4. City: Quebec City, Salzburg, Venice, Pasadena California.

5. Drink: non-alcoholic - hmmm. I mostly drink water, but I also like Gatorade. Fruit Punch flavor.

6. Music: It's the only way I'm earning any money these days (albeit not much). My varied musical tastes enjoy Sirius, the satellite radio! Right now, I'm feeling like hearing some Blink-182. In high school, I was the Broadway Musicals girl. Am I aging backwards, like in that new Brad Pitt movie? (Looking in mirror.... that would be a NO.)

7. TV Series: The Amazing Race. Project Runway. How I Met Your Mother. The Office. 30 Rock. House MD. Friday Night Lights. Chuck. Top Chef.

8. Film: Ugh, these lists! Why can't I ever just pick one thing? I'll restrain myself on this one.

9. Workout: Just joined the Y. Must start going.

10. Pastries: Maple, Cinnamon, Chocolate, or Pumpkin.

11. Coffee: Can't stand it.


smalltownmom said...

Maybe I'll try this.

Ree said...

You restrained yourself so much on #8, you left off your answer! ;-)

And Swedish Fish. Yum.

Sarah O. said...

I love personal preference blogs like this. Now that you've mentioned maple fudge, I MUST find some. Immediately.

BOSSY said...

You don't like coffee? Bossy wishes she didn't like coffee. Think of all the wine Bossy could buy with money saved on coffee!

Anonymous said...

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