Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now I've Gone and Done It

There's a three-month-old baby living with us.


This is Turbo!

He is from the pet store, and I met him there about a week ago. I thought he was sweet and friendly (and he reminded me of my beloved childhood cat). The Hubby and I had been talking about getting a kitten for a few months, thinking that our 11-year-old cat Dino would enjoy some companionship (I should now change that to "hoping," though). We also thought it would be fun for the people in the family!

I told The Hubby about this kitten, but then I hesitated, thinking that I should go to the Humane Society instead. I thought about it for a few days, and decided to go back to the pet store, since I knew he was friendly and since he had been an abandoned kitty and would end up at the Humane Society anyway if no one bought him.

I wanted to surprise the kids. So, while the girls were at gymnastics class on Monday, The Boy and I went to the pet store and got him. Then, when the girls came out of class, I was holding our pet carrier and The Boy was shouting, "we got a new kitty!" It took a minute to sink in, but then there was much jumping up and down and cheering!

It was hard to concentrate on homework (or much of anything) the rest of the evening. The New Kitten did a lot of exploring, and a lot of LOUD purring. I remarked to The Boy, "he has a loud motor!" and The Boy liked the idea of a cat having a motor.

We couldn't focus enough to think of a name that night, although Big Girl wanted him to have a name before she went to school in the morning. But we didn't want to rush into anything!

Big Girl asked everyone at school for name ideas, wrote them down, and came home with a long list of suggestions. I came up with a list of ideas, too.

We were thinking of things like Smokey, Stormy, Rocky, Dusty, Thunder, Diesel, Harley... Basically, names inspired by either the gray color or by the loud "motor." Turbo was decided upon, being nobody's favorite, but one that everybody liked.

This is a snuggly kitten who loves people. Can you tell?


smalltownmom said...

Oh, he's so cute. I love the motor names.

Ree said...

NOTHING better than a loud, purry kitty.

Jason said...

All cute and fun...until you have to deal with the LITTER BOX. And even worse, until they don't USE the litter box and they have diarrhea all over your new carpet.

But I'm sure you won't have that problem.

Tricia said...

Turbo is a great name and he is simply adorable!!

kim at allconsuming said...

For a micro second I thought it was going to be a dog and was going to really struggle to be pleased for you.

But a new kitty!!!! WOOO!

Sarah O. said...

What a great name! And what a sweet kitty.