Thursday, September 6, 2007


September is always a time of transition, but this year it's really out of control. Oh, I've probably had more major transitions, June 2000 being the biggest of course with the birth of my first baby, but nonetheless I am really feeling it now.

I am experiencing a weird feeling -- it seems that we are really done with the baby phase. The Boy will always be my baby, but I guess he's not a baby anymore. I've been sorting through the boxes we still hadn't unpacked after our November 2006 move, and finding baby blankets that we just don't need anymore. I've packed them away for our church's Giving Bank, but it was actually really hard. They're just baby blankets, but they seemed to symbolize a period of my life that really defined me. It's jarring to realize I'm not in that phase anymore. I've got friends and family who are just entering that phase, or haven't entered it yet, and here I am done with it! Congratulations to Shannon, who is embarking on this momentous time, which shakes you to your foundations and through a series of imperceptible shifts, you redefine yourself completely. Kind of like that age-18 phase when you are master and re-creator of your identity. This makes me realize there will be more of these phases, which is uplifting. But still, it sure is a big transition for me. My kids are preschool- and school-age kids now! I'm a go-here-go-there school mom now.

My first-ever niece was born yesterday morning. S & C are parents now, which is wonderful. Niece M is absolutely gorgeous. What an earth-shattering thing it is to become parents. Nothing will ever be the same. I'm overjoyed that I now have two nephews and a niece, and I feel that our family is so blessed. It's tough being far away from them, though. I am jealous of my sister-in-law (whom I adore) because she got to hold her yesterday! So welcome, M, you have really made my day. You were the one who inspired your Auntie Barbra to start the blog she's been contemplating! Little darling!

Big Girl's in second grade. Yesterday was her first day of school. All of the parents tell me that Mrs. N is wonderful and we're in for a terrific year. I am really looking forward to it and the possibility of the parents being more relaxed than they were in first grade. I'm all for relaxing and supporting the kids in their enjoyment of childhood!

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