Thursday, October 9, 2008


Here is where things stand today:

Definitely coming along!

The first few days, Dino just hissed at Turbo and then left the room, giving us the cold shoulder and his patented glare of disapproval.

Then, he started to hiss and swat at Turbo. (Turbo seemed unfazed.)

The next step was Turbo starting to swat at Dino (mostly trying to get him to play & wrestle). Then Dino would bait Turbo with his tail, get him to pounce on his tail, and then hiss and swat at him when he did!

Finally, Dino consented to being in the same room without any drama.

Turbo still wants to get him to play!

We're not at the two-kitties-snuggling phase yet, but I hope it's on the horizon.

Here are a couple of other cute pictures:

That's a tired kitty!

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