Sunday, June 1, 2008

96 Months

Dear Big Girl,

Congratulations, you're eight years old! I have really enjoyed this birthday. Last weekend, your slumber party was a lot of fun. You and your friends were busy with the crafts, movie, and playing Felicity. You were a good hostess and party planner!

I couldn't believe it last night when we read "Beezus & Ramona" at bedtime, and the chapter we were on was Beezus' Birthday! What a coincidence. We sure marveled about that!

Your gifts were a lot of fun for me this year. It was so special to surprise you yesterday with music lessons! I am looking forward to your first private lesson on Wednesday. I think your choice to keep working on the violin was a thoughtful decision. Do you know what my favorite part was? The big smile on your face as you walked out holding your new violin! We're renting it for now, but if you decide to keep up your violin studies for eight months, we'll own it! I loved giving you such a big surprise for your birthday!

What a great day today, opening presents from family, getting to choose lunch and dinner, and having a book-shaped cake! Grandma gave you the sewing box you were hoping for (another coincidence from the book: Beezus got a sewing box for her birthday!), and you got lots of books, a movie, crafts, games, a High School Musical doll, outfits, math brain teasers, and some money to spend. You are so happy with all of it, and it's nice to see you appreciate everyone's kind gestures. You sure are growing into a lovely girl. I'm so glad you are enjoying "The Daring Book for Girls." When I looked through it at the bookstore, I thought you would enjoy exploring the many topics in the book and trying out the activities with your friends, sister, or me! (It's kind of like Beezus' book "202 Things to Do on a Rainy Afternoon." Another coincidence!)

You have been growing like a weed lately, and I'm not just talking about your height! You seem to be maturing before my eyes! Your first slumber party, the first time you said, "Mom, you're embarrassing!" when I was acting goofy at home with no one around... as well as your interest in learning new skills like sewing, the plays and lessons you are always planning with your friends, and the times when you and I can get serious and have good discussions about things... it's an exciting time!

But you and I have also been talking about the things that haven't changed (and thank goodness!). You still choose a different stuffed animal lovey every couple of days. I still like to pick you up for a big hug. You still have your fears that I don't quite understand. You may not be afraid of the Disney Princess movies anymore, but you are now afraid of history, and the possibility of learning history in school each day is making you nervous. You were so relieved last week when you came home and told me "Mom, there's nothing scary about the Wright brothers!" (Scary people have included Florence Nightingale and Abraham Lincoln (when he visited injured Civil War soldiers).)

I have been thinking today about eight years ago, June 1st of 2000, when you came into my life and changed everything... as I always do on June 1st! How during the day I was at work finishing up the school year, and in the middle of the night, I was becoming a mother. I spent that whole first June 1st feeling happy, scared, lucky and overwhelmed all at the same time. Whether you like it or not (and at age eight, you still really like it), you will always be my baby.

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blackbird said...

Happy birthday to Big Girl - and you!