Tuesday, October 14, 2008

what's on my mind right now

I saw a new "Yes on Prop 8" ad on TV tonight. It says that in Massachusetts, after they legalized gay marriage, it really did happen that they required teachers to "teach gay marriage in second grade."

OK, first: that "Law Professor" on the ad? He should just wear a big sign across his chest that says, "PREJUDICED." (or how about "I think I might be gay and I'm scared; because why else would I be threatened by the idea of gay marriage") In fact, I think that everyone with a "Yes on 8" sign or bumper sticker might as well just replace it with an "I AM PREJUDICED" sign.

Now, second: it's silly and ludicrous, this argument about teaching gay marriage in public schools. Like they have ever taught one thing about marriage in any way in public schools.

And besides: what is the big deal if a child learns that girls can marry girls OR boys? Are we concerned that a heterosexual man will grow up and marry another man because he learned as a boy that it was not illegal to do so? Knowing that some people are gay when you are a child does not make you gay, IDIOTS.

And more importantly, BEING GAY IS NOT A BAD THING, I.D.I.O.T.S.!!! Feeling horrible about yourself because you think you might be gay but have been taught that it's not okay? Now that's something I don't wish on anybody.


The other thing I watched on TV tonight was "Chuck." (We're a bit behind, and watching on the DVR.)

I think that the writers of "Chuck" are living inside my very own brain. Did I write this show?
1) Chuck went to Stanford.
2) Chuck wears Converse Chuck Taylors (((LOVE))).
3) Huey Lewis & the News music has been featured prominently in two episodes in a row, now!
4) Whoever cast Zachary Levi in this show did so knowing that he is way too hawt to be a nerd, but cast him anyway, as EYE CANDY FOR ME.

Gollygarshdarnedit, I love that show.


smalltownmom said...

I work as an aide in second grade in California, and "marriage" of any kind is not in the curriculum.

No on 8.

Anonymous said...

No on 8!

I'm sad to report that gay marriage has never been legal in Virginia and there are no signs of change any time soon.