Thursday, October 16, 2008

two lovely thoughts for this morning

As dadgonemad said:

But this particular proposition [Prop 8] seems to have crawled much further up my ass than any other I’ve come across in my twenty years as a registered voter.

For me, there are two things about this election that have crawled farther up my ass than anything has before.

1) Prop. 8. Yes on Prop 8 is "Protect Traditional Marriage." UGH! I'm a firm believer in marriage, and believe that in our society at present, it is not the respected institution that it should be, BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY MARRIAGE. Also, I am baffled that the same people who say they want government out of their lives seem to want THEIR RELIGION dictating EVERYONE'S lives. You want to keep government out of it? Great, so do I. Don't tell me who to love or what to do with my body.

2) Sarah Palin. Putting her on the ticket was insulting to me, as a woman. There are plenty of qualified, smart women out there. Why did they choose Sarah Palin for their ticket? Because they could control her, and tell her what to think and what to say, plain and simple. And I am insulted.


Anonymous said...

Testify sister!

Jason said...

Amen! You rock.