Friday, October 24, 2008

It's been a week?!

I can't believe I haven't written in a week! It feels like I just wrote that one.

Sooooo... what's been going on with me this week?

Well, I started going to the gym! Good for me, now keep it up.

Big Girl got glasses. She looks cute!

She is amazed that she can actually read the writing on the board! And see the pictures in the librarian's storybook! Poor thing, I wonder how long this has been going on. I'm glad we've remedied that situation.

When she showed up at school with them for the first time, SO EXCITED ABOUT THEM (she LOVES them), her best friend told her she did not like them and kept pouting all day about it when anyone would compliment Big Girl about them. Little snot. She doesn't like it when Big Girl gets any attention. Real nice.

Big Girl didn't seem upset about it, just a little annoyed that her best friend wasn't being supportive even though she was so happy with the glasses, and I said, "I bet it's hard for her to get used to you looking a little different, because she's the person who has been looking at your face all day for several years. She'll get used to them and after a while, they won't bother her anymore. And what matters is what YOU think about them anyway. They're cute, you like them, and you like being able to see, so they are a good thing!" She agreed with me and seemed no less happy with the glasses, so we let it go at that.

A big pat on the back for me, for not saying what I wanted to say about the best friend (I'm sure you can imagine!).

Also this week, Middle Girl showed more signs of being pretty much "back to normal," thank God because it's been MONTHS. Seeing her be silly and giggly again is so good for my heart.

When I think about this week, I realize it was full of little things: band rehearsal, getting The Hubby's car fixed, helping out in Middle Girl's class, putting up Halloween decorations (finally), cleaning the house (sort of)...

I also listened to a discussion on our local NPR station about Yes on Prop 8's latest ad, the one where the law professor tells us that in Massachusetts, teachers were forced to teach same sex marriage in schools, and it will happen here in California. I talked about this ad a few posts ago.

The law professor himself was on, as well as an awesome No on Prop 8 representative (unfortunately I don't remember her name). She did a great job explaining the TRUTH, that Prop 8 won't change anything about what kids learn in school; it's just trying to take away the rights of some of our fellow citizens.

The law professor said that Domestic Partnership already exists, so Yes on Prop 8. Huh? He said that when the court ruled our earlier ban on gay marriage unconstitional, it elevated a certain group to a special status. Huh? Does he not see that he wants gays to be kept in a lower status and making them equal disturbs him? How else to explain it? He said he was not a bigot and was deeply offended by people saying he is. Well, sorry guy, but you have to face the music.


I was in line at a McDonald's drive thru yesterday and a few cars ahead of me was a van with a Yes on Prop 8 sign (SIGN. Not bumper sticker) on the car as well as a shoddily hand-made sign saying "KEEP it REAL (man + woman)." I found myself craning my neck to try to get a look at the driver, because I honestly cannot understand - who are these Yes on Prop 8 people? What's wrong with them that they feel threatened by gay marriage? I only saw her arm. It didn't answer any of my questions.

Sigh. Election time makes me feel anxious and irritated. When will this country start thinking of others first, before ourselves? It's hard to be hopeful about this.

I want to make a button for my blog, but my computer doesn't have a good graphics program. I want it to say:



barbra said...

You see, it's because anyone's children could be gay. I love my children, and if any of them are gay, I want the world for them. Just as I do if they are not gay.

Anonymous said...

Guess what I learned this week? That if your eight year old child has a major growth spurt, you should take her to the eye doctor even if it's not time for a check up. Ellie grew 4" in 6 months and also went from having almost perfect vision (with glasses just for muscle strain) to being very nearsighted and unable to read the board at school.

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Me too. I love your line of thinking.