Thursday, October 9, 2008

Commenter's Remorse

Have you ever been reading a popular blogger and a post touches on one of your pet peeves and you just HAVE to vent a little?

And you start venting in the comment box and then you lose track of how long your comment is because the box doesn't really show you?

And then you hit "post" and you see a ridiculously long comment sitting there, with your name on it?

And you think, boy, do I sound lame....?

It's probably just me... you guys are all such good writers that you can keep track of your thoughts & words....


Don't go look! I'm embarrassed! (Well, go look at Bossy's today, just please ignore my comment! It's such a stupid pet peeve of mine, too...)

You know how sometimes communicating by email is not the best way to go, because the recipient could misconstrue your meaning and your tone?

Well, I think commenting can be even worse that way. I try to be succinct and I think that can make my comments come across sharply.

(Although I WISH I had been more succinct at Bossy's today...)

Oh, the perils of the internet...


Anonymous said...

Gah! I hate reading past the jump, so I'm with you on what you said over at Bossy's place.

smalltownmom said...

I don't mind the jump on blogs, but I hate it in magazines, where what I want to finish is buried in the back and there aren't even numbers on every page. I can deal with the's shorter.

Ree said...

Bah. I nearly always have some level of commenter's remorse. It comes with the territory.

"If only I'd been wittier"
"If only I'd highlighted THAT line instead of THAT line."

"If only I'd spell-checked"
"If only I hadn't had that last glass of wine."

Jason said...

Well, you know that I'm going right over to Bossy's right now and checking out your ridiculously long comment.

(And the tone on that comment was light and funny. Not mean. :)

Speaking of comments, thanks for yours today on The Jason Show. I appreciate it.

JCK said...

You've named it. We've all felt it. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as you thought. Promise.