Monday, August 31, 2009

the end of summer

School starts tomorrow.


During the school year, there's never enough time. The school day is tiring, and then kids need to do homework, practice violin, and go to soccer practice/girl scouts/dance class. Kids want to play with siblings and friends, have a little down time to read , or just daydream, but ... where did the time go? Bath and bed, hurry hurry hurry!

ugh, it's exhausting.

Since all that starts tomorrow, I should reflect on the summer that we've had.

What a summer! Some weeks were spent in camps or classes (arts, crafts, dance, girl scouts), and some were spent making our own adventures. We had lots of friends over, and threw a big party. We spent a month at Grandma and Granddad's house in Oregon. We played with our cousins and went to visit old friends we had not seen in years. We visited beaches, waterfalls, science museums, art museums, train museums, carousels, bowling alleys, miniature golf courses, libraries, aquariums, farms, funky doughnut shops, fancy ice cream shops, water parks, and birthday parties. We went to lots of free outdoor concerts, and I performed in one myself.


so much freedom.

No wonder I'm so sad it's over.