Thursday, September 4, 2008

The First Day of School (for Big Girl)

Yesterday, Wednesday, was Big Girl's first day of third grade! She is so excited about the year, her teacher, learning cursive... She's feeling very big because "we're the oldest on the playground!" (Her school divides recess and lunch so that grades 1-3 are on the playground together. The older grades have their recess and lunch at a slightly different time.)

During the summer, we updated her uniforms, buying new ones in a bigger size. Well, not exactly a bigger size, because the uniform store has changed vendors and they use a different pattern for the jumpers. It's still a size 8, but it's cut VERY differently. Seeing her in her new jumper yesterday, I decided that it didn't fit her right. It was just too long, and she looked kind of silly.

So, last night, even though I had ALREADY taken in her skorts (this kid is very thin and has no tush), I hauled out the sewing machine again. I took up the jumpers' hems (having to re-press the pleats), and took in a little at the waistline so the torso portion wouldn't be so long.

Mission accomplished!


Tuesday was "Drop-In Day," when the kids stop by school in the morning to say hello to their new teacher and put their supplies in their desk. The Hubby and I walked over with both girls. The Boy had no patience for it, but was forced to come along.

It seemed to help somewhat with Middle Girl's fears and worries, especially since her friend A. will be sitting at the same table.

The poor thing is so worried about Kindergarten, and has been since June, that she has given herself an anxious tummy. The butterfly feeling makes her cry even more. It's been a tough week so far, and even though talking through her fears (she's worried that no one will play with her, that she will get in trouble with the teacher, that Kindergarten will be too hard...) really does help, every day a new fear seems to crop up. This is when I really earn my Mommy pay.

At our school, Kindergarten starts the week after the rest of the school. (Middle Girl's first day will be Monday.) I think this is smart, because the rest of the school gets the first-days-energy out of the way before the Kindergarteners arrive with their own crazy energy. I think it helps make the atmosphere a little calmer for the little ones.

However, this year I have discovered that it's not so great. Yesterday, when we woke up to take Big Girl to school, Middle Girl said, "I wish I was going to school too!" and I realized that she really wants to get rid of these fears! She wants to just go to Kindergarten and see what it's like so she can stop worrying! Oh, man, now you can't imagine how much I am wishing the same thing.

Just a few more days...
(Deep breath)


Ree said...

They start the Kindergarteners here a day later, too. It was fun watching the little boy down the street walking to the bus with his Mom and their cat trailing behind. ;-)

So precious at that age...She'll be great!

JCK said...

Oh...good luck with Kindergarten. It is such a big step! Hope she loves it!

And, yes, you are DEFINITELY earning your mom pay! :)

blackbird said...

Poor little sure to keep us posted!