Sunday, September 28, 2008

The World is Waiting

Weekend viewing

We watched the movie "Persepolis." It's stunning and fantastic! It is visually gripping, clever, a real work of art. I found the ending to be abrupt, but overall I enjoyed the experience.

Tonight I watched the season premiere of "The Amazing Race." Ah, I love this show! It feels so good when the race starts. "Good Luck. Travel Safe.... GO!" I love hearing those words!

I first saw "The Amazing Race" in the hospital after The Boy was born. I believe it was Season Six. (Tonight we started Season Thirteen.) I was instantly hooked, and continued to watch it when we were home, and I was nursing him at bed time.

That was also when I got hooked on my other reality show LOVER, "Project Runway." It was the middle of the night, I was up for a feeding, and I turned on "Project Runway." After that episode ended, another came on, and I kept watching! That was Season One. (Right now we are in Season Five.)

Ah, memories! (Sing it with me...)

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smalltownmom said...

Thanks for the review of Persepolisi - it's in my Netflix queue.