Monday, September 8, 2008

The First Day of School

Middle Girl was up bright and early, eager to get dressed in her crisp, new hand-me-down uniform.

She seemed excited, but not nervous.

The Hubby went into work late today so he could accompany us on the big first day.

Seeing my two girls, both smartly dressed in their school uniforms, took my breath away just as much as the sudden realization during breakfast that it would be just The Boy and I walking back home, for the first time. Whoa.

In the Kindergarten classroom, she did get a bit nervous. No one but her parents would have noticed, because she hides it well. All of the parents were very nicely asked to head out, and Kindergarten began!

At pick-up time, she was ready to come home. She said she liked Kindergarten and was excited to go back tomorrow, but she seemed a little tired and reserved. When we got home, there was a cookie bouquet waiting for her, sent by my mother-in-law. The Hubby called to talk to Middle Girl and hear about her day. "It was good."

Day One went well.

As for The Boy, well, there were some tears at preschool drop-off. I stayed for a few minutes to watch him (he couldn't see me), and seeing him kind of wander around the playground alone, trying to figure out what to play with, made me a bit sad - so I left. I knew it was fine (he really doesn't mind playing by himself, unlike Middle Girl, and the other kids looked pretty much the same), but I still found it hard to watch.

When I picked him up, he was actively participating in Story Time, and the teacher told me he was shy for most of the morning but had started to warm up near the end and even played with another child. He tells us he likes preschool, but he's glad he gets a day off tomorrow.

And what did I do with my morning? You know, I was kind of drained so I went home and just sort of sat there. I'll "get things done" in the upcoming days, but I didn't expect that from myself on this first day!


smalltownmom said...

I'm glad you all made it through the day.

Marchelle said...

hi! over from bossy's. your comment "i'd link that" made me laugh right out loud!

so then i clicked, read your post, and when i saw you have a boy, "The Boy - 3," i was hooked. i have one of those myself; plus The Girl, 1 1/2.

the part about you watching him at preschool made me sad too! =(
glad everyone had a good day though!

Ree said...

Well, of course you couldn't be expected to do anything the first day, you poor dear. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the first day went well!!!

JCK said...

Congrats on 1st day of school! I can't believe our little ones are getting so big.