Monday, September 29, 2008

Time Alone with The Boy

We actually have time alone together every Tuesday and Thursday morning, but we had some unexpected time together when Middle Girl went over to a friend's house for lunch.

The Boy got to choose what he wanted to eat for lunch, and he decided on scrambled eggs, and asked if he could help make them.

I don't usually have the kids help prepare the food, just because I don't think I can keep tabs on them well enough; but with only one, it's really fun to have them help make the meal!

The Boy cracked the eggs and beat them with the whisk. While I tended to them on the stove, he did a very careful job cutting up cucumbers!

We sat down to enjoy our lunch together, and as you might guess, this time he didn't resist eating anything on his plate! He was excited about those cucumbers!

A simple thing can be really nice.


smalltownmom said...

What a good job the Boy did.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun.

Ellie will help me do all the prep work and cooking, but then will still refuse to eat the actual meal if she doesn't like it.

Tricia said...

sounds like a perfect kitchen encounter. My little guy also eats things he prepares himself, but won't touch them if I prepare them.

JCK said...

It is those simple one on one moments that are so special.