Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wednesday, The Boy's second day of preschool, I did manage to "get something done." I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of new flowers to replace all of the dead things in my front yard. Today (with my little digging helper) I dug out a bunch of the dead stuff and old roots and tried to loosen up some dirt, and then ran out of time. It might be alright - I think that the gardener will plant them when he comes by in the morning, because sometimes he does that if he finds new flowers that I haven't planted yet. But also? Sometimes he doesn't. Yeah, I don't know and I don't have a clear idea of what it is we pay him to do!

Also at Home Depot the other day, I bought a towel bar. See, the story is that over the summer I bought a towel bar to match the towel ring in our upstairs bathroom, and handed it to The Hubby: "install this while I'm in Oregon."

And then when he did, I saw that I bought the wrong finish. Satin Nickel and Chrome do not match. The Hubby did not notice this. (Men!)

I'm sure you'll agree that I could not live with non-matching towel holders in one bathroom! But I didn't want The Hubby to find out that I had bought the wrong one (I have my pride, yo).

So, I bought the correct one and installed it myself.

Sneakin' around, saving my home-decorating face!

So have you ever been at Home Depot with a big bag of soil or something, and no one offers to help you get it in your car? Well, I'm probably to blame for that. You see, I had a big bag of bark in my cart, and as I pulled up to my trunk, the man leaving the car next to mine offered to help me with the bag. "No, thanks, I don't need any help!" I said. "I put it in the cart, I can get it out." And I swung that thing in my trunk easy as pie! (Dear Guy at Home Depot: it was nice of you to offer. I am sorry I responded with such attitude. I have a thing about doing things for myself. Please don't let this experience stop you from offering to help people in the future!)

The Boy update: The Boy made a new friend at preschool on Wednesday. (Yay!) He has an unusual name. The Boy cannot remember this name, and asked me "What is his name again? My friend?" approximately 482 times today.

Middle Girl update: Middle is liking Kindergarten and making new friends, as expected! Emotions-wise, she may be doing a little better... The tummy hasn't been bothering her, but she is still crying and clingy. Time will tell...

Big Girl update: Let's just say that apparently third grade = all grown up.

Upcoming weekend: We are driving upstate (ha, we don't actually say that out here) to The Hubby's cousin's wedding. We are looking forward to seeing my mother-in-law for a couple of days. Unlike several others, I am looking forward to this wedding, because there has been some family drama surrounding these wedding plans and since it's not my family (and I no longer have to sing in the wedding), I can just sit back and watch the show!

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