Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two stories today

When I picked Middle Girl up from preschool today, she had something exciting to tell me: "I got to let one of the butterflies go!"

Her class has studied the life cycles of butterflies and frogs, and has kept caterpillars and tadpoles to observe. The butterflies all hatched from the cocoons over the weekend, and today they were flying around their little net home, ready to go outside. (Three of the tadpoles have turned completely into frogs; the rest are somewhere in-between.)

The teachers drew names to determine who would get to release the butterflies, and Middle Girl was lucky enough to be one of the children chosen! While her classmates looked on, she let a butterfly climb onto her finger, then carefully moved her finger out of the net habitat to the open air, and off it flew!

I asked her which she liked better: having a butterfly on her finger or holding a snail in her hand (she LOVES that), and she said "the butterfly!" Cool! I wish I could have seen it and taken some photos!

My second story is about The Boy. We were walking through a parking lot and he saw a man standing around smoking. He stared at him for a minute, and then asked, "Mommy, what is that thing he keeps putting in his mouth?"

Yes, he is over three years old and has never seen anyone smoking before! Isn't that fantastic?!


Tootsie Farklepants said...

When my oldest son was in kindergarten they did the butterfly thing. When they released them a bird swooped down and ate one.

Ree said...

Wow. That story about The Boy is really amazing.

Mrs. G. said...

Yes! That is fantastic. That is progress!

blackbird said...

Keep up the good work!