Sunday, May 18, 2008

getting caught up

Early Thursday morning I came down with some sort of gastro thing. After a little while, it was clear that it was only getting worse and The Hubby would need to stay home from work.

He got Big Girl to school and dealt with the other two all day while trying to do work and be on conference calls. I could tell from my bed that he was juggling a lot and sometimes resorting to using the TV babysitter.

I started composing a blog post in my head about how if it were The Hubby who was sick, he would just take a day off work and stay home and I would try to keep the kids occupied and out of the house as much as possible so he could rest in a quiet house. But when I'm sick, he tries to work from home and the kids are wreaking havoc around him, and the house is loud, and I am having little visitors coming in to talk to me since Daddy's on the phone, and I am feeling so guilty about being sick and making him stay home that I am trying to convince myself that I feel okay enough that he can go in.

But then, The Boy threw up all down The Hubby's back and I was still too sick to help. Hubby had a lot to deal with that day, and he rose to the occasion as he is wont to do. That blog post in my head never made it to the computer, since The Hubby really did what we all needed him to do.

So that was Thursday.

Friday and Saturday were very busy. Since everyone was feeling better by Thursday night, and there was no school on Friday, I took the kids to Disneyland on Friday for a few hours (annual passes expired today). On Saturday the girls had dance class and then we had to rush Big Girl to the American Girl Place for a birthday party. Middle Girl and I looked around the store while Big Girl was in the Cafe for the party. Then the drive home (American Girl Place is a big pain of a drive) and I had just a couple of hours to shower and get ready for a formal fundraiser event The Hubby and I attended.

That was last night, and today, The Hubby has the stomach bug. Poor guy.

Oh, and we have been having a heat wave (it's 96 right now). And that's all I have to say about THAT.


Anonymous said...

I find that if a stomach bug fells me for 12-18 hours, my husband is sick for about three days. And, whereas I'll rise from my death bed and start cleaning house, he'll linger for days.

Ree said...

Formalwear? I would have no idea what to do.

Jason said...

The boy threw up all down Hubby's back? Not pleasant. I'm glad you didn't have to post that post you were composing in your mind.

Sarah O. said...

So. Things have been slow around your place, eh?

Good grief, I'd almost forgotten how crazy life is when Mom's sick and Dad's trying to juggle work and young kids. At least he now knows what it's like for you!

Hope things are better for you today.

blackbird said...

Ack. At least it worked its way through your gang relatively quickly.