Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday and Saturday

I needed to do a kids' clothes purge, sort my clothes and shoes, get a bench for the front stoop, get Big Girl to work on her Thank You notes, sort CDs and videos, research hotels in Quebec, practice some new songs, clean out the basement...

But I stumbled upon some YouTube videos from the Rock Star reality show (it was on a couple of years ago and I loved it), and then I ended up looking around the internet for more information about my favorite singers. And the awesome House Band. And then I found that they were the House Band for a recent MTV reality show called "Rock the Cradle." And then I watched the whole series on the web.

I will never get those two days back.

In other news, the Tooth Fairy visited our house, and our girl got to show all of her friends her new gappy grin!

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