Thursday, February 28, 2008

why, oh why?

With Middle Girl and The Boy in tow, I walk Big Girl to school every day. (Someday I want to write about how much I love my neighborhood.)

Some mornings, getting ready to leave takes longer than it does on other mornings (I'm sure all moms of school-age kids can attest to that). I get dressed, get the kids up, go back in and wake them up again (rinse and repeat), then they eat breakfast while I pack lunch, then I get The Boy dressed while the girls get dressed (they have a few fights and I keep yelling from The Boy's room: "get dressed!"), brush everyone's teeth and hair, and hopefully there's a minute for me to put in contacts, brush my teeth, and put on a little makeup. I always brush my hair, but the rest is left to "if I have time" status. I always figure I'll just walk her over there and head straight back to eat breakfast and take care of myself.

Why is it that I can go weeks having had enough time to be presentable, and not have to talk to any other moms, but it seems like every time I have to run out with morning mouth and glasses, someone needs to stop me and have a conversation? This morning, I was there an extra 15 minutes talking over a volunteer project with another mom!

Why is that?!