Monday, February 18, 2008

netflix review

Last night we watched "Music and Lyrics," which featured Hugh Grant as an 80's has-been trying to capitalize on an opportunity to write a new song for the fictional Britney Spears (they called her "Cora Coleman") in order to be relevant again. He needs a lyricist, and the woman subbing for the woman who takes care of his plants (I know, this is SO CLEVER) starts making up words to his song while she is watering the plants, and ooh, aah, conflict notwithstanding, he has found himself both a lyricist and a romantic "comedy."

We have been having trouble choosing movies to watch after the kids go to sleep. I really miss seeing the Big Important Dramas in the theater, but I am never in the mood for something like that after going through the Kids Bedtime Routine. I want something light and fluffy and brainless so I can just sit there and smile, and go to bed with a happy li'l heart.

Anyway, so now you see why I decided to get "Music and Lyrics" from Netflix. It was definitely light and fluffy and brainless. Problem was, it was boring. I think there were parts that were supposed to be funny, but they weren't. I chuckled twice during the whole movie. So for now I guess we are back to watching our DVDs of "30 Rock" and "How I Met Your Mother," because although we have seen them before, they do not disappoint. Always a good laugh, and for HIMYM, a bit of "awwwww" cuteness as well.

The best part of "Music and Lyrics" was the opening sequence. The 80's music video featuring Hugh Grant's character and the member of the group that went on to solo success, "Colin." Played by Scott Porter -- and I SCREAMED "it's JASON STREET!!!!" when he appeared on screen in all his cheesy dancing splendor. "Six," I was glad to see you in another project, can't wait to see you in other things. Seeing this made me SO Very Happy. Then I had a thought, which sent me over the edge, and I said to my Hubby, "If I saw Matt Saracen in something, I would totally LOSE IT!!!" Squeeee!! Mmm, I'm going to go think about that for a while.

(Officially I like Coach Taylor because Matt Saracen is way too young for me.)

Mmm, yeah, Coach Taylor.

Matt Saracen. Coach who?

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Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

We do the same thing: Watch TV shows on DVD instead of movies because movies are too long after the children go to bed. Right now, we're working our way through "Scrubs" and re-watching Season 3 of "The Office."