Monday, February 25, 2008

Flowers out front

I love flowers.

I am a complete sucker for flowers.

I have to admit, if I'm shopping for clothes, home furnishings, you name it -- if a floral is available, that's what I am drawn to. When I was younger, any flower would get me. Now that I'm more discerning, there are in fact floral prints that make me nauseous. But a bright, tasteful floral?


When I got married, the flowers were a very important part of the wedding for me. MUCH more so than the food. (I was Young then!) My mom kept the budget in mind and scaled me back a LOT (and good for her), but I wanted flowers flowers flowers.

Spring flowers are my favorite. Tulips, daffodils, peonies, freesia, sweet peas, lisianthus, roses... oh, and I just love sweet little forget-me-nots.

But, looking outside, I have some chosen some unexpected plants for my beds. And my younger self would be shocked and disappointed, but I really love them!

This one looks like a cabbage, but on closer inspection, its frilly edges and very faint hint of pink in the center really add to its natural, unusual beauty.

This one is really small and low to the ground, sort of a ground cover. The white blossoms are very simple and small, and my younger flower snob self would have passed it right over as "boring." But I really like the combination of shapes between its leaves and its flowers.

Oh, and the dresses at the Academy Awards this year pretty much bored me. Am I getting old? It just made me wistful for this:

Oh, how I loved that one! It was 1999, when she was robbed! She was a GENIUS in the first Elizabeth movie. Sure, Gwyneth was cute and touching, but Cate Blanchett was awe-inspiring.

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