Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Family Outing!

As I mentioned a while back, The Hubby got a new fancy TV recently. The Hubby and The Boy spent the first Saturday watching bowling and golf. The Hubby suggested we take the kids bowling, to which I replied "genius plan!" ... and we all had a really fun time...

apparently you need a second mortgage to pay for bowling. It was unexpectedly expensive! (say that out loud... it's fun)

We* were very excited about the balls! They were a lot heavier than we were expecting!

Our favorite thing about bowling? The Reset button. No contest.

Every. time. the ball went down the lane, it was, "can I push it, can I push it, can I push it?!?!" Usually, the answer was yes, because none of the kids' balls had enough speed to trip the thing. But when Mom or Dad bowled, we still heard the question even as the thing was coming down to grab and sweep the pins. "No, honey, as you can see it's already doing it."

The first one or two turns, Daddy helped us

by showing us how to roll the ball down the lane.

But then we did it ourselves. We carried the ball down there, placed it on the ground, and gave it a push with both hands.

It went V E R R R Y S L O O O W L Y. And then it knocked down some pins!

And then we got to push the button!

But not me. I didn't need Daddy's help, and I didn't need to put it down and roll it. I pretty much just let it drop from my fingers.

It went V E R R R Y S L O O O W L Y. And then it knocked down some pins!

And then we got to push the button!

The Boy's game was over first. He had a strong showing, and finished with a score of 65.

Middle Girl also did well. She picked up a spare in the 7th frame which gave her game a boost. We were so excited when she finished with a .... 65!

Big Girl was neck-and-neck with her brother and sister, and needed a 7 to finish with a 65! We thought she might do it, but then she ended up making a spare instead in the 10th, and finished with a 71!

After the 5th frame, barbra was leading The Hubby 65-52. They both made strikes in the 6th, but then Hubs threw another strike and barbra's lead was gone. Just as she had predicted. Hubs finished out the game with a mark in every frame (including the 10th, when does he not?) to win 154-124.

*you know, of course, that when I say "we," I am talking about the kids. Because when it comes to bowling, I am no Spring Chicken! (Creaky voice) I remember when we had to keep score** ourselves!

**And I think they should still make school-age kids do it themselves. Because it is a really good way to practice your math! Can we request a lane with an overhead projector and transparency scoresheet, please?


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

When did bowling become so expensive? When we were kids, it was just so darn cheap and now it's like going ot an amusement park. (Okay, I stretch the truth a bit, but still...)

Also, those yellow floral Gymboree leggings your daughter is wearing? We have some here in our house too.

Sarah O. said...

What a gorgeous family you have! And how great that all four of you like to do the same thing. My fussy family always seems to have one person with an activity issue.