Thursday, February 21, 2008

scenes from a back yard

Because the weather is gloomy, dark, and rainy again today, I'd like to instead think about last weekend, when we spent some time in our back yard, dressed in shorts.

The Boy got a bike (with training wheels) for his birthday in December, but he has been leery of learning how to pedal it, instead sticking with his trusty Kettler trike.

Over the weekend, he pulled out the "big boy bike" and got very frustrated because the pedals kept stopping. I tried to show him that he was pedaling it the wrong direction, which is how you apply the brakes, and help him move his legs in a circle in the right direction. But he was just yelling at me about how his bike didn't work, and wouldn't listen to mom.

But then Middle Girl tried to show him. And boy, did he listen with rapt attention to her instructions. She was so patient, showing him over and over which way to push the pedals, and giving him a starting push. I was so proud of her! She and I both cheered and hollered when he started to get it by himself!

While enjoying the lovely weather outside and the lovely children working together to help The Boy with his bike-riding, I heard something: "Hey, lady! Yeah, you with the kids. You ever gonna notice me? Sure, I'm old and tired, but I've put in a lot of good years with children.

"Thanks for sewing me back together that one time (sorry I spewed so much dust in your face), but I think things are a lot more serious this time! Get off your duff and HELP ME!!"

Uh, yeah, you have a point.

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