Thursday, February 7, 2008


We are starting to leave The Boy at his Sunday Preschool class now, as opposed to Daddy and Big Girl staying there with him. This week, the topic was "animals," and the craft was gluing decorations onto animal masks.

The Boy made a "lion mask," complete with sequin adornment. He wore it everywhere for two solid days!

He would put it on his face and say "RAARRRRR." And he would put it on the top of his head and say, "Now I'm just The Boy!"

And you wonder why I'm such a sucker for him.

Uncle D had a nice, but short, visit. My favorite was going to the high school basketball game with D, Middle Girl, and The Boy. (The Hubby and Big Girl were in the mountains this weekend.)

D, thanks for coming and staying here with our pushy cat and enthusiastic children when you could be staying in a hotel! Aren't you sad you missed my car accident and The Boy in the mask? (Well, one out of two.)

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