Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where Should We Go?

That is a dangerous title... Stop thinking that.

The Hubby and I decided a few years ago to "go away somewhere" for our 10th Anniversary. Well, that didn't happen. But we did manage to secure babysitting in June this year (Thanks, Mom!) so we are going to do it, better late than never!

Now, where to go?

We have lots of places we'd love to go, some that we've been to before but want to go back and do it up right, and some that we've never been to.

However, now that it's time to actually plan it, Hubby has a few requirements:

"I can't take too much time off of work, since I just took a week off in March."
"I don't want to go somewhere with a bad exchange rate."

This eliminates quite a few places. Like, oh, all of Britain and Europe!!!
And anywhere that takes a while to get to, like Australia, Africa, Asia...

So... we are going to be talking to a travel agent, but I'm coming to you first... tell us where to go! We would be departing from LAX.

Anybody been to Costa Rica? Alaska? Niagara Falls?
Good ideas in Canada? (I've been to Quebec City, which is lovely, and is a possibility) Do you have a favorite US destination?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so many possibilities.

Close to home, up the CA coastline to San Francisco. Or further north to Seattle.

Further away, Austin, Denver, Chicago (very nice in June), and Boston.

For a more laid back trip, there's the beaches. Hilton Head (SC) and the Outer Banks (NC).

That's all I can think of right now.

Sarah O. said...

Costa Rica's wonderful all year round but it's far from LA and it's not much good if you can't spend a week.

We spent a week here one August (the temperature's pretty much the same all year but check for the rainy season) and the whole family still considers it the best vacation ever. Pricey though!

Aspen's great all year and not that far away.

The MomBabe said...

Well, my husband's family LOVES Costa Rica. I've never been, but they like it.

Plus DC is always nice, and short of food and lodging, pretty much everything else is free.

Beyond that, I've pretty much never been anywhere. sigh. what a lame-o. we always go camping. sigh.

barbra said...

Thanks for the ideas! And Sarah, that does look awesome. I definitely want to make it to Costa Rica someday. And the Galapagos, too...