Monday, April 14, 2008

every family needs a lump

One day last month, we all walked over to the football field and partook of an iconic March activity.

Flying a Kite!

Everyone got to hold the string!

The wind kept dying down, though, and we kept having to re-launch the kite. Everyone had to be patient and wait for the kite to be ready, then they could have another turn!

Wait, what's that lump on the ground? I'm sure that's someone "waiting patiently."

Our two non-lumps enjoyed chasing the kite!

Sometimes, when it was flying very high and the wind started to die out, Daddy would try maneuvering to keep it aloft. Sometimes Daddy covered a lot of yards during these maneuvers. He had two little companions running along with him.

But the lump did not move.

Heard at this point in the day: "Come here, shadow! I'm gonna get you!"


smalltownmom said...

We love kite flying. I'm usually the launcher.

Anonymous said...

So now I have "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins stuck in my head.

Sarah O. said...

Your family is lovely! And kite flying, even if you're lumping your way through it, is such a nice - and very memorable - family activity.

Now I gotta go buy a kite.