Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Upcoming trip!

The Hubby and I have decided that we want to go to Quebec for our kid-free trip in June.

Because LOOK at Quebec! So gorgeous!

We're thinking of staying in Montreal and taking a few day trips: Quebec City, a cruise on the St. Lawrence River...

I am in need of any Quebec tips you might have! Is there a little town that would be a better "home base" for our day trips?

Are there any day trips/outings/activities that we should do? Anybody know which bloggers I should bug for advice?



I have been to Quebec before, fifteen years ago. It's a good story, and I have pictures! I wanted to put them here, but they need to be scanned in and my computer won't let me open the program (PC appears to be wheezing its last few breaths?). I will save that for a "post for another day," but I hope it will be soon! Can't wait to show you "Quebec & Me!"

In the meantime, please help me out with information if you would, because my prior visit doesn't count. (You'll see what I mean.)


Anonymous said...

This must be the hot destination, because we know several people who have gone there, AND we're considering going in August.

Jason said...

I never knew Quebec is so amazingly quaint and picturesque.

JCK said...

OH...this sounds and looks incredibly romantic.