Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Big Girl hit a major milestone this weekend. She is now taking communion!

I recently discovered another milestone, one I had never thought about before! It's another indication of being a bigger kid: one who gives off an air of more maturity than the out-of-control, unpredictable energy of the little kids.

The cat, completely of his own volition, seeks out your attention and climbs into your lap for some petting!


smalltownmom said...

I've noticed the cat phenomenon in my house. As my younger son got older and calmer, the cat was more and more attracted to him. Now she jumps on the couch and lets him pet her. That's a big step for her, she's pretty standoffish. So there are perks to growing up!

Ree said...

I thought you were talking about the cat maturing! oops. ;-)