Thursday, September 13, 2007


Middle Girl's first day of preschool (her third year of preschool) was Monday. I could just eat her up, that peanut!

I don't know how she is feeling about school so far this year. She seems to be in a funk all the time. Nothing is ever good; she never likes anything. This actually started this summer, on our Oregon trip with "I don't WANT to look at this Crater Lake!!" and I've been hearing it from her about almost everything ever since. She was so excited about Hairspray before it started, and sang along, and then on the drive home said "I didn't like that movie." Then the conversation went:

Me: Did you like "Good Morning Baltimore?"

MG: Yes

Me: Did you like "Welcome to the 60's?"

MG: Yes

Me: Did you like "You Can't Stop the Beat?"

MG: Yes

Me: Did you like "Ladies' Choice?"

MG: Yes

Me: Did you like "I Can Hear the Bells?"

MG: Yes

Me: Did you like "The Nicest Kids in Town?"

MG: Yes

She just didn't like the part when the police and Mrs. Von Tussle were looking for Tracy.

What is with the focusing on the negative? I would say "that's not like Middle Girl," but she's been like this so much lately (including her first gymnastics class the other day, her favorite activity by far last year) and "who" a kid is changes all the time, so maybe I can't really say that. Maybe all I can say is "that's who she is right now" and wait to see who she becomes next.

As far as preschool goes this year, after the two days she has had so far, all she has said is "Elise didn't play with me" and "Scarlett didn't play with me." Followed by my asking "who did you play with?" and her answering "Scarlett." Classic Middle Girl reasoning there. "I like apples but I don't like apples." We hear this kind of sentence all the time.

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