Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am so tired today! All of a sudden summer ended and the school year started up and my calendar exploded. I am never home at night right now and Big Girl is giving me what-for about it. I am sure the others feel similarly (BG is the one who lets me have it about everything - is it BG or is it age 7?). I've been teaching Safeguard the Children classes for our church, as well as rehearsing for all of the various gigs coming up in the next month. I've been saying that singing in a band is a good substitute for doing musicals because it gives me a chance to sing but I'm not taken away from the family as much. I guess that is negated when you are singing with 4 or 5 different groups! Also, Hubby and I went on a couple of dates while my mom was here so when you add it all up, I am out every night. This Friday I should be able to stay home.

We had a special outing last Sunday. My mom took all of us to see "Hairspray." It was the first time the five of us have been to the movies together, and it was only Big Girl's 3rd (or so) movie in a theater. Hubby and I (and my Mom) had already seen it, and Hubs bought the soundtrack and the girls have been listening to it obsessively. We surprised them by taking them to see it! They were so excited. Middle Girl sang along with the opening number, it was so cute. Big Girl sat there the whole time with her wide eyes taking it all in. The Boy enjoyed it too, as he's been listening to the songs with the girls, although he did have to walk up and down our row for part of the time. Even though there were a few times when I was thinking "oh, boy, I hope that lyric went over their heads," it was a fun time. Afterwards, Big Girl was still floating on air that she actually got to see the movie in the theater. The next morning, she said "I still can't believe it! I was dreaming that I would see Hairspray in the movie theater but I thought I would have to wait for the DVD! But my dream came true!"

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