Friday, September 28, 2007

Puddles! and Noot Nacks! (and HB Ryan!)

My kids, SoCal kids that they are, think puddles are quite a novelty. Puddles are another manifestation of how great it is living in our new neighborhood. We walk Big Girl to school and one of the houses must have its sprinklers on shortly before our walk, because there are always a couple of puddles on the sidewalk in front of it. My kids always stop and walk slowly through them, or jump, and say "my shoes are wet!" and then we do the same when Middle Girl and The Boy and I walk back home.

It makes me so grateful for this lovely walk we get to do together, since we didn't really have time or opportunity to tiptoe through puddles when we spent so much time in the car. I think about how everybody used to walk to school (before my time) and how nice it must have been to live then, when kids would stop and visit with neighbors and their gardens and dogs on their way home from school. But there are lots of things about the present that I wouldn't want to go back and live without, like oh, say, LIFE CHOICES (!) and a husband who's an equal partner (!).

I guess you can't keep yourself in the past in some areas and in the present/future in others, but I sure try hard to achieve just that. I wish we could pick and choose exactly the society we want to live in. When you're an adult out on your own, or a young couple, you kind of can do that. But as your kids become older it's hard because they start demanding a say in the choices of modern trappings they want to take on, and their peers have an influence as well! Now that I think about it, the period of life when you have control over your existence is really short!

Yes, I got all of this from watching my kids fascinated by puddles this morning. The human brain, it is a marvel!

If there is anyone out there who doesn't turn into a pile of mush hearing the adorable Boy ask for some "noot nacks," well I just don't know how you hold yourself together. This boy has absolutely got me under his spell. (If you need a translation, that is "fruit snacks.")

Today is Ryan's birthday! Happy day to him. In his honor, I say: Hooray for the grownups!

Oh, and I would just like to add that I am not enjoying this job of coordinating Sunday Preschool music that was thrust upon me against my will. I don't mind setting up the volunteer schedule, but listening to kids' religious ditties (to choose songs for the teachers' CD) is really not my cup of tea. Procrastination, my old friend, is back and we are hangin' out! If you and procrastination are well-acquainted too, I suggest

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