Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Blah, blah, blah, I know, this stuff about the house sorting is boring to me as well but I am on the task of CD Storage right now and pthpthpthpth. (that is a raspberry.) Is it feasible to put everything on the computer and get rid of all the CDs? If not, how do you decide which ones to upload and chuck? And which ones to upload and keep? And which ones to just play on CD? Is there a point at which the computer will be full? Note to self: whenever you see The Hubby again and he is awake enough to talk, remember to talk this over with him. Note to everyone: KT Tunstall's new CD "Drastic Fantastic" ("Eye to the Telescope" is on my best-album list) came out yesterday!

The Boy and Middle Girl are wearing swimsuits right now (just for fun - it's cold out), and I asked The Boy "do you want to wear underwear under your swimsuit?" His answer was "No. Just penis."

Did you know that the blogosphere is full of moms writing to keep from forgetting?

Long Story:
In my Parent Ed class today, our instructor brought in all of these everyday objects and asked us each to pick one that symbolizes "what it means to be a parent" and then we went around the circle and explained our choice. When she gave us the task, I knew it would be tough for me because there are so many aspects to my job, and I feel so differently about it at any given moment. Literally, "what it means to me to be a parent" is like flowing water, always moving, covering up some things and revealing others.

So I stared at the pile for a long time hoping something would jump out at me but finally settled on a paperclip because it's something that "holds on" or "keeps" things. It was a very interesting discussion. The instructor picked an adapter because she is a Grandma and is adapting from her parenting days to learning about the way her kids parent today. One of the moms picked a deck of cards not only because growing up, her family played cards a lot, but also because cards are a random assortment of numbers just like her day feels like a random list of tasks (get child 1 here, take child 2 there, etc) and she has to somehow put it all together in a way that pays off for everyone. Another mom had a measuring tape and said she's always measuring time: how long until her husband gets home, how long until they go down for a nap, and conversely, how long until she will have to go back to work and the stay-at-home mom days will be over (which makes her sad to think about).

I said that I picked the paperclip because I am always holding on to my kids and trying to keep them little. This works for the toddler/preschool years because I don't push them into things like walking, talking, and pottying but let them go at their own pace. However, I have started to notice that Big Girl is older than she is in my head. I can't believe it, but she is ready for sleepovers and phone calls and stuff, and I guess that now I have to let her grow up at her own pace and resist my urge to keep her small. Oh, within reason, you'd better believe it. I'm not talking about the teenager-at-age-eight that you see so often. I'm just talking about not treating her like a preschooler anymore! And then there was my friend Christa, who cried at everything everybody said! She is so great -- I am such a sap, too, for all that mommy sentimentality, so she's feeling what I'm feeling but (as usual for me) it just doesn't show on the outside. I feel like we're on the same wavelength so often.

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