Friday, December 28, 2007

at Grandma's

We made it here late last night! It took quite a bit longer than usual, since we hit some snow and The Hubby had to get out in the cold cold cold and put chains on so we could make it over the Pass.
But we're here and we're cozy and having fun.
We had a fantastic Christmas at Noni's. The kids were so happy to be with their cousins, and Santa treated them well. Christmas Eve was a big party, with an appearance by Santa that really surprised the kids (and Santa shocked Big Girl by saying that Mrs. N has been telling Santa about her). I was assigned to video duty for that event, so I hope I managed to squeeze into the right spots and get a good angle. Then back to Noni's for bed (Auntie S read "The Night Before Christmas") and they woke up at about 7:15 the next morning. We convinced Cousin L to go get his parents, but he was ready to start playing with his dinosaur toys! Everybody got what they were hoping for, and the kids stayed in jammies all day (playing with toys and watching new movies), so it was pretty much a perfect day!
As for The Hubby and I, we both got to go to the NFL game (with R and S; Noni was a hero and babysat all 5 kids) and sit in the amazing seats for the Christmas-themed final home game. Then we went to the city late with The Hubby's high school friends and had (literally) too much fun.
On the day after Christmas, we all went to see "Enchanted." It was cute. Everybody made it to the end except Middle Girl (so The Hubby and The Boy had to go to the lobby with her).
The Boy only made it half the first night in the "big kids' bedroom." The rest of the time, he had to sleep next to mommy and daddy's little bed in the loft.

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