Wednesday, December 12, 2007

there's a birthday coming up

The Boy is turning three in TWO DAYS.

He "can NOT beLIEVE it."
Neither can I, man, neither can I.

Last year we went to an NBA game and then had cake on McQueen plates.

This year, he has asked for a party. He has chosen McQueen partyware again.

We sent invitations out to his party list. He really did give me names of people to invite, I am not kidding. He really wants people to come over. We'll see what he thinks when they are actually here.

His Music Together teacher is coming to teach a class. He asked her to please bring egg shakers to use during the class, and he would like a red one and a blue one.

Other than that, the kids will be playing with cars, trains, bikes and balls.
Oh, and having cake on McQueen plates.

I need to start assembling the favor bags! Each child gets a die-cast Cars car and an egg shaker!

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