Monday, December 10, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Things are looking good here. Last week I was very busy (aren't we all this time of year) getting the decorations up, enjoying Big Girl's Christmas performance (she sang her heart out and we could hear her!), and dragging The Boy all over town running errands. Today when we dropped Middle Girl off at school, he said "where are we going now?" and I said "hmmm... Target?" to which he replied, "No! We're just going home!" So he has had it with errands!

Unfortunately our videocamera is not functioning and we have to send it in to see if it can be fixed. The Hubby gave it to me for Christmas last year and bought it 12/17, so it should be under warranty except that we don't have the receipt. Which they are saying is required. We'll see what happens, but having no videocamera for The Boy's birthday and Christmas with the cousins is a total bummer.

The Boy is getting very excited about his birthday! Every day we talk about how many days are left and he can hardly believe it! Tonight the girls and I went to the store and got the birthday gifts they had in mind for him. They can't wait for him to open them! Big Girl says she loves to give presents as well as get.

Yesterday we got our tree! We always play Christmas music as we hang ornaments. The Boy was very involved in the decorating this year, so we were five hard workers! The girls ooh-ed and ah-ed and reminisced as we unpacked the ornaments. This all really feels like a tradition now! But no video of it this year ... gah!

Ornaments are out and ready to go

The Boy's favorite is a train (the first one he put up), which he seems to remember from last year (it's one of Hubby's from his Grandma. Big Girl has a lot of favorites.

I just taught the girls "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and Middle Girl and I found a set of "12 Days" ornaments. She enjoyed hanging them on our tree!

The finished product looks terrific!

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