Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, her fever is gone and she has a few more red bumps. She slept fine last night.
We are staying home, of course.

I still think it's chicken pox that just looks different because she had received the vaccine.* In fact, here is something I found on
"About 15 percent of varicella-vaccinated children fail to have an optimal response to vaccination and, if exposed to varicella later in life, can develop a very mild form of varicella. Usually this disease looks like bug bites; often, the child has no fever and doesn't seem sick at all."
That's exactly what it looks like! (Although she was feverish yesterday...)

We are going into the ped's office at 4:30 this afternoon so the professionals can look at it and I can stopping guessing and wondering!

*she was vaccinated at 12 months, but hasn't had the booster. Big Girl got that at 5 years. My point being that this is not caused by the vaccine itself; she must have been exposed to the virus recently. If this even is chicken pox.

I don't know who she got it from. I guess that's another thing about the vaccine -- now the virus can be passed around without showing any symptoms in some kids, while causing a mild case in others.

Although we have a few friends who don't vaccinate their kids. I am not going to get into it here.

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