Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Today Middle Girl, The Boy and I walked over to the fire station to meet her preschool class there. We had been there for field trips before, but this time there were a few things that really stood out. One, they got a medical call while we were there, so we got to watch some firefighters hurry into one of the engines and head out, lights flashing, and then the siren after they were out on the street. That was exciting. Also, the firefighter who stayed with us demonstrated all of the gear they wear, talking through it as he put each piece on. When he put on the mask and air, and then hat, the kids were kind of scared but it was good to hear the sound of his breathing with the tank and see that it was the same nice firefighter who had been with us all along under that mask. Hopefully the kids will never need to use the information, but it's good for them to know what a firefighter would look and sound like in a fire. And one more thing, he showed them how to test a door to see if it's safe to open it if they hear the smoke detector. I don't think they will remember that, but it was good for me to see and learn. Now I will have to remember to have family emergency drills on a regular basis.

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