Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween tasks completed today

Actually, I carved the middle one (cat face) last night so it would be ready for today's contest. Big Girl designed it. This morning we walked over with pumpkin and diorama (apparently we forgot crazy hat day and library books due), and took a look at the other creations:

Votes were placed in the cups at recess. Big Girl said her cup was overflowing with votes!

Back at home, we created the other two jack o' lanterns. Middle Girl chose to use a pattern for her cat with moon, and punched the holes along the pattern lines herself. The Boy found a complicated pattern of Elmo. His pumpkin is small, so I could only fit the face.

What is wrong with jack o' lantern-looking jack o' lanterns? I like those. But I don't have my own pumpkin. If I got one for myself, I would have to do the goop thing again (no thanks). Maybe The Hubby would scoop out goop for me. I'm sure he would, but not on such short notice. Oh, well.

So my list of Halloween tasks completed today:

  • Jack o' lanterns

  • Get a basket for Little Red Riding Hood (Dorothy costume came with one, thanks mom!)

  • Cut out 18 Gates from brown felt (for the craft in N's Parent Ed class tomorrow morning)

  • Charge videocamera

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