Thursday, October 11, 2007

At the Gardens

Last Thursday we went to the Gardens for the "free day." It is still free, but you have to get tickets in advance now. That worked in our favor, since the place was not crowded. It was a good, though short, visit. Middle Girl and The Boy now want to go back, and we got tickets for next month, so next time I'll be able to get them out the door sooner and we can stay longer.

MG's favorite thing was the lab stations in the kids' conservatory. They have these sugar probes, and you put some nectar on there and get a readout of which plant has more sugar. Bees prefer one percentage, hummingbirds another, and butterflies another. There was also a pH probe to compare the acidity of carnivorous plants to that of regular water. And there were microscopes attached to monitors all over the place, and we all enjoyed those. I was very proud of my inquisitive kid! (While trying to be patient with her wanting to do the tests over and over and over... and asking myself why am I getting antsy anyway? isn't this what I want kids to do, as a science teacher? what's up with this?)

We had only a few minutes to play in the outdoor part of the children's garden. Of course, we spent them at the fountains. The highlight of every kid's visit!

Tomorrow Big Girl has a half day. I might take all three to the Gardens after school, so BG can see it too. There is a rumor of rain, though, so we'll play it by ear, as usual! They have much-needed haircut appointments in the afternoon.

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