Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Were you thinking I had forgotten about the football this weekend? Wasn't that something. We did not watch the [Our-Alma-Mater vs. BCS-Title-Game-Worthy-School] game, because someone gave us tickets to the [Local Stadium's Game Between Two Storied Programs] game and we thought The Boy would enjoy it. So The Hubby and I took him to the [Local Stadium] while the girls played at their friends' house.

Our neighbors were going to the [BCS-Title-Game-Worthy-School] game and asked us if we were going. "No way," we said, "it doesn't sound fun to watch our team get blown out. We'll be at the [Local Stadium] instead."

We were crammed into the [Local Stadium] surrounded by some drunk Away-Team fans. The bleacher seats are not big enough if everyone shows up. We had four tickets for two adults and a two-year-old, which was good because it sort of made up for the problem. The rows in front of and behind us both were unable to accommodate everyone who had tickets for the row. The Boy was interested, but it was hard to follow the football. He liked seeing the "instruments" and the blimp and helicopters. He liked watching field goals. We were on the corner, pretty close, but still it's a big field.

So there we were, making the best of the discomfort and still having fun with The Boy, when the crowd started cheering for no apparent reason. The Hubby figured it must be the [Our-Alma-Mater] game. We came to find out that [Our-Alma-Mater] had taken the lead, 24-23, late in the 4th. We craned to see the TVs in the press box, but they were too far away to really get any information. The cell and blackberry had no reception. What were we doing in that cramped stadium with the drunk guys, not able to see what [Our-Alma-Mater] was doing? When the stadium PA announced the final score, the place went wild with cheering. I was dumbfounded. How were we not watching? Unbelievable.

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