Monday, November 3, 2008

There's been a delay

There's been a delay in putting up Halloween pictures.

The good news is that Sunday evening I was busy - out with some mom friends.

The bad news is that today was spent in medical offices.

This morning, Middle Girl woke up with a painful throat. Remembering the notice that came home last week about strep in the Kindergarten, I knew that she would be going to the doctor instead of school today. We got Big Girl and The Boy to school, and since the earliest pediatrician appointment was at 2:50 pm, we went to Urgent Care to check out the wait. Since my throat is scratchy as well, I though Urgent Care might take care of both of us at the same time.

There were only three people in the waiting room.

They finally called us in after TWO HOURS of waiting. Middle Girl and I were SO BORED!

When they called us in, I asked if we would have to wait more in the exam room, because we had only ten minutes until we had to leave to pick up The Boy.

After five minutes, I realized that there wouldn't be time for the test and paying the co-pay, so we just left WITHOUT SEEING A DOCTOR.

Well, that was a good use of two and a half hours.

Later, at the 2:50 pm pediatrician appointment, Middle Girl's test came out positive and she's taking antibiotics and staying home again tomorrow!

My tomorrow, which was supposed to contain two volunteer activities for Middle Girl's class, as well as going to vote,

now contains

going to the doctor (for me) and voting, with two kids in tow. (Streptococcus will NOT keep me away from the polls!)

Hope I can avoid a wait.


I've uploaded the photos onto the computer, but now I am going to bed to rest this scratchy throat. I'm hoping to have time to put together a post tomorrow!


smalltownmom said...

I hope you all feel better and don't have to wait long to vote. Go early!

Ree said...

Yea, Urgent care kinda sucks... ;-) That antibiotic will fix her right up if she's like my boy.