Friday, November 14, 2008

Pretty pictures for a Friday

Sometimes, if I'm driving along and I see a gorgeous house and I've got my camera with me, I stop and take a picture of the house.

Look what I found in my archives:

I park in front of this one when I go to the gym.

You can't really see it, but there is a drop-dead gorgeous porte-cochère.
It looks like a tree is growing out of the chimney. Sorry about that; I snapped this photo really fast.

Oh my Lordy, if we won the lottery I would totally buy one of the houses in this neighborhood. Making sure there was enough money leftover to have someone clean it for me on a regular basis. And for a gardener. *** Le Sigh ***

Those houses, breathtaking as they are, are not representative of the local architecture. One of the things I LOVE about our town is that all of the homes are so different from one another - so we really have ALL types here.

That being said, the California Craftsman style started here in this very area, and it is GORGEOUS.

My old house kind of paid tribute to the style...

**Sigh** again. I love my new house, but I really do miss my old one, too.

This is for Jess. I'm not sure that she will see it, but it's for her.

This is my old house's stove:

And this is my new house's stove and two ovens:

(All pictures are mine except two of them. Google Images.)


smalltownmom said...

Beautiful houses, and the stoves too (both of them).

Margaret said...

I know the first house. I see it all the time too. They film there constantly, and I can see why. It's gorgeous. But I like my little 2-bedroom, and 1600 square feet is just about all I can stand to clean before wanting to shoot myself.