Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

(Throwing some pictures up real quick before I head off to bed... I'm excited to reflect on Election Day when I can think more clearly... What a day. What an honor it was to participate.)

School parties and parades

(The Boy's school doesn't allow costumes, and in fact calls the day "Orange and Black Day," so he is dressed in orange and black for school.)

Finishing touches on our house's decorations

My brother and Middle Girl carving a pumpkin
(Her original jack-o-lantern collapsed in a moldy, mushy heap, right before our eyes.)

Two families came over to have dinner (pizza!) and go trick-or-treating.

Half of the grown-ups took the kids out, and other half stayed home to hand out candy.

Last year, the marching band was practicing during trick-or-treating, and this year there was a football game going on! Apparently, the high school marching band provides the soundtrack of Halloween in our neighborhood!

Big Girl and her friend C. thought "The Spooky House" was AWESOME! while the other kids were too scared and stayed back. Other than that, all seven kids (including The Boy!) were enthusiastic trick-or-treaters.

Arriving back home with heavy loot bags, the big girls headed upstairs to do some trading. I don't know who came up with that idea, but they were very serious up there going through their candy and trading with each other for their favorites!

It was such a great day and night, with beautiful costumes, happy kids, and a fun group of adults!



smalltownmom said...

Sweet costumes. Your house decorations look great!

JCK said...

Those kids are adorable. Pumpkins impressive. And decorations...that spider is CREEPY!