Friday, June 13, 2008

things that make me both sad and happy

Middle Girl won't be coming home with sand in her shoes anymore when she moves up to Kindergarten.

The Boy is pronouncing his 'r's properly.

My brother and his wife found a place to live. (They are moving from Massachusetts to about an hour drive from me. I am SO happy about that! But I wanted them to have to stay at my house for a little while when they got here.)

Today was the last day of school. (HOORAY for a relaxed schedule! But the years are flying by.)


AP said...

It's so weird, too..when I was that age, I thought time moved so SLOW. 5th to 6th grade was like, an eternity. Except summer vaca, of course.

Now, it seems like I was just a stupid 18 year old kid like..yesterday.

(Maybe because I'm a stupid soon-to-be-27 year old kid now?)

smalltownmom said...

Oh, yes, I know how you feel.