Tuesday, June 3, 2008

the past week

Wednesday last week:
School, Parent Ed, Middle Girl's dance rehearsal, find dinner, Big Girl's dance rehearsal (Hubby pick up Middle and The Boy and take them to Dads' Group), Big Girl's Brownie Court of Awards ceremony, Mommy's band rehearsal (Hubby and kids pick up Big Girl from there).

Take Middle Girl and The Boy to the mall with me while I try to get Big Girl's birthday presents, internet research & phone calls about one of the presents, continue to work on the closet sorting/purging as well as unpacking boxes of girls' things still unopened since the move, Hubby has a work dinner so feed kids, pack activities for them, and take them to choir rehearsal with me, go to grocery store for Middle Girl's class party

School, Parent Committee meeting, The Boy's music class, back to school for Middle Girl's class party, more research and phone calls about birthday gift, take girls for haircuts, dinner, collapse in bed

Girls to dance class, stop by cake supply store for a cake pan shaped like an open book, surprise Big Girl by taking her to music store and saying "pick an instrument -- we want to buy you lessons for the summer for your birthday present!" Pick up Big Girl's jaw off the floor, rent-to-own her a violin and sign her up for private lessons (she has been taking a group violin class at school), transfer kids to Hubby and go work on music with the other band, take food to friends' house for dinner, home, kids to bed, bake a cake, wrap birthday presents

Big Girl's Actual Birthday! Sing at Mass, decorate cake, watch her open her other presents, sing at another Mass, meet family at restaurant for dinner, home so Big Girl can practice for tomorrow's violin concert, cake and candles, kids to bed, bake cupcakes for violin concert reception

School, Volunteer duties at Big Girl's school, errands for upcoming dance recital and exchanges of certain birthday gifts, frost cupcakes, wake up Middle Girl and The Boy and go to Big Girl's violin concert, dinner, my band rehearsal

And now:
Houseguests are arriving Wednesday, Thursday is dress rehearsal for girls' dance recital and also the End-of-Year picnic dinner at Middle's preschool (her last!), Saturday is the recital, and we've also got the end-of-school-year gifts and more parties to take care of. Friday is Middle's last day, and Big has one more week.

What with the school events, houseguests, upcoming band gigs (email me if you're local and are interested in the dates), and Hubby and Big Girl's upcoming camping trip with the Indian Princess tribe, THIS TIME OF YEAR IS NUTS. Countdown to our kid-free trip to Quebec: 14 days. I definitely will start breathing then!


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JCK said...

Wow! Such is a mom's busy life and it SHOULD be recorded!

Loved the "pick up Big Girl's jaw up off the floor..." !! So exciting for her.

I'll email you for the gig dates.