Wednesday, June 4, 2008

such a nice boy

...just stepped inside from surreptitiously watching my kids playing with the neighbor kids on their front lawn. The neighbor boy is eight, and I am always telling people, "he is SUCH a NICE boy."

...just witnessed a good example:

He's getting the littler kids (my younger two, who are five and three, and his four-year-old sister) to play tug-o-war. He keeps giving them instructions: "no, you all get together down at the other end!" "Now, pull as hard as you can!... no, stop! Come back up on the lawn! Back up on the lawn! Everyone get closer together down at that end! Pull hard as you can! Get back up on the lawn! Try to pull me over!"

etc. etc. A LOT of instructions.

But when everything finally went the way it was supposed to, it turned out that what he was trying to do was get them all to pull hard so he could let go and they would all fall down. And he could laugh at them.

But he is a nice boy, because notice all of his instructions of "get back up on the lawn!"? You see, he did not want them to fall while they were standing on the sidewalk!

I love that guy!


Jason said...

So....nice boys like this....nature, or nurture?

BOSSY said...

And the chorus goes, "Awwww".

blackbird said...

Too cute.