Saturday, June 14, 2008

Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye, huge-ass heavy TV and enormous entertainment center cabinet thing handed down from Hubby's Grandma

Hello, new widescreen flat TV, console, towers, and floor lamp! Now I need to stylishly arrange some stuff on the tower shelves...

Oh, and hello, coffee table crappe

Goodbye, unattractive old patio set by the pool (this is actually a picture from before we owned the house- our old patio set was white, plastic, and handed down from my FIL -- so ugly I guess I never felt the need to photograph it)

Hello, inviting gazebo area and sectional outdoor furniture!

Looks like a good spot for a nap!

Goodbye, diaper bag! How happy I am to say those words! (My youngest has been potty-trained for almost a year. But I carried emergency pull-ups (and other toddler crappe) around for a LOOOONG time. This habit died hard.)

at least it was black

HELLOOOO new purse! Hellloooo, walking around looking like a normal person! (If only it had a shoulder strap. I have a few handbag requirements and I find it difficult to satisfy all of them simultaneously: shoulder strap, able to stand up and retain its shape when I put it down, open (so I can just reach in), pockets for keys and phone so I can grab them easily... this is only missing the shoulder strap.)

It is 9 inches by 9 inches. That's not big, y'all!

Yes, I am showing you the contents of my not-a-diaper-bag!
Keys, Phone, Wallet, Sunglasses, Tissues, Small Bag (containing Band-aids, Comb, Chapstick, Ponytail-Holders, Sunblock), Paper & Books to give bored children, Notebook/Pen/Pencil for me, Children's Health Records, Gift Cards & Coupons, Water & Emergency Fruit Snacks, Wet Wipes, Supplies for a Potty-related Accident (Empty Ziplocs, Boy and Girl undies, one pair of shorts)
She looks like a happy-go-lucky lady, but a peek inside reveals that she's definitely a mom!

Goodbye, crib!

Hello, toddler bed! (Yes, he is nearly three-and-a-half. Yes, he is my baby. Don't judge.)

Goodbye, potty seat!

Hello, Boy who can use the potty without a potty seat and without assistance!

Now pretend I didn't put my toilet on my blog

Goodbye, Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels! I have a weakness for you and I must say goodbye, as I am powerless to resist you if you are in my home.

Hello, Rainier Cherries! I have a weakness for you as well, and since you are a seasonal morsel of Nirvana, I will partake of your perfect sweetness! (Seriously, it is a cherry with a firm skin and yellow meat (no mess!), and it is the BEST.)


smalltownmom said...

What nice changes you made!

blackbird said...

Did you do ALL of this this weekend?!

Sarah O. said...

Hooray for upgrades!

I am SO jealous of your pool, cabana & patio furniture.

Your babies are ridiculously adorable (that's a compliment)!

Oh, I recognize the Kohler Portrait toilet. We had one in our last master bathroom.

Anonymous said...

I do so like your taste in furniture!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a shopping spree you had!

Even better than the Trader Joe's chocolate covered pretzels are the ones you get in bulk at Henry's. Do not under any circumstances place them in the freezer and then eat them. You will not. be. able. to. stop.