Wednesday, March 5, 2008

should I just go back to bed?


yesterday afternoon I went to the dentist for the first time in 2.5 years (because it's really hard to find someone to watch the kids for me when my husband has a gross project at work (thank God that's over)) and they found "at least two" cavities so I will have to get fillings, which fills me with dread and gloom.

my dental insurance won't pay for full mouth x-rays because I had some at my old dentist in April 2005 and you can only get them once every three years. But since the new dentist did "check-up x-rays" yesterday, they can't do full mouth for another year. Which means that the dentist needs me to come back in so he can poke around for 45 minutes looking for more cavities since there's no complete set of x-rays unless I can get the old ones from the old dentist.

the old dentist apparently "archived my chart" in 2007 which means they sent it "off to storage" and would charge me an arm and a leg to retrieve it.


my insurance company just told me that the guy who hit me has changed his story and his insurance company now says I am at fault. Which is rubbish and, forgive me, horseshit. And even though the photos of my car's damage show that I was stopped at the time I was hit (my insurance guy told me that), since "guy who hit me" says otherwise, I might have to pay my deductible. What a fucking load. So apparently you can hit someone, then just tell your insurance company a completely bogus story and wtf I am so pissed. Now I have to call the other guy's insurance company and give them a statement because apparently not calling them is akin to admitting I'm at fault. I've never heard this before and it all sounds like crap. Whee, that'll be a fun phone call for me to make oh, about 10 minutes from now. Wish me luck.

I am so shitted about this I cannot even think coherently, let alone think. I mean, write.

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The Hotfessional said...

Sucky. I hate insurance. But it's soooooo necessary. Sucks. Eggs.